Howdy folks, it is Allen from the midwest ready to fanboy out about the shows of the week. We have a lot to discuss so let’s get to it.  As always, spoilers abound so read at your own risk.

Flash – The episode starts with Eddie and Joe calling in the Flash to help and while Joe and Barry seem to enjoy it, Eddie looks uncomfortable. Getting stung to death by “bees” is an ugly way to die. I did enjoy Cisco’s Indiana Jones reference. It is always a joy to see Felicity. My fiancee was in the room when they did the “It’s a bird, it’s a plane” reference and I asked her if she got it. She said yeah, yeah Superman, then I had to explain that the actor they were referring to played Superman. A double geek joke. Speaking of Brandon Routh he is doing a great job! I loved Felicity’s reference to billionaire superheros. Eddie may be the worst liar in the history of television. Joe and Eddie’s argument was interesting. I don’t agree with Joe but, as the parent of daughters, I understand it. Cisco is seeing things from the alternate time line? How is that possible? That was an incredibly awkward dinner and I think Iris is being a pain! Then Barry gives her a great talk about Eddie and she just completely ignores it, geez! Another great line “We have the technology”, awesome throwback to ‘6 Million Dollar Man’. There was also a Peanuts reference. Now about Cisco, as I’m sure everyone knows that is a reference to Vibe who was in the Detroit Justice League and also in the New 52 Justice League of America. In the New 52 Vibe received his powers due the boom tubes of Darkseid and it was referenced that he could interact with different vibrational energies so maybe that is how he is able to see an alternate time line.

Izombie – I’m embarrassed to say I never noticed her name was Liv Moore! The actress who plays her is so charming! Liv is investigating a death of an ex school mate and meets another zombie? How many are there? There was a reference to “Warm Bodies” an excellent movie, give it a watch. The captain is a zombie too! There was no payoff to the mystery in this episode so I wonder if they are playing a long game on us. Now a theory. The power drink company is run by zombies (1 in 10000 go homicidal!), one girl finds out, the other girl kills her and then the others grab the killer while she was taking a shower (tearing the shower curtain and requiring them to take it). Since the captain is a zombie, how much of society are they running?

Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – The episode starts with a flashback to a very different May. She was actually considered for the Avengers! S.H.I.E.L.D. is terrible at being inconspicuous. Trying to bring in a “special” and the situation goes pear shaped very quickly! I’m still not really enjoying Skye’s trip to Shangrila!  After they loose the special tactics team (the cavalry), May goes in. I was confused how the woman had super strength and mind control power but that was quickly answered. May is a bad ass but that was horrible. As the father of 4 daughters I couldn’t help but tear up as she made her decision. No wonder she doesn’t like to be called the cavalry! Hunter, Coulson, and Fitz together is a scary combination especially with an electric hand dryer. And have I ever mentioned how much I dislike the trope of turning on someone because you think they have gone bad with no questions asked? One good thing about Skye’s story is Kyle MacLachlan, he does crazy as well as anyone on TV.

Arrow – The bad guy at the start of the show had me completely baffled, more on that later. I may mention this more than once, Lance is being a complete a**hole. I understand when you are hurting and want to lash out about it, but this is going beyond the ken! And what makes it harder for me is that the actor is one of my favorites! When the police come to search the basement they don’t even try the door they just break it down, jiggle the handle at least. Ray is excited to team up with team Arrow, Ollie, not so much. A.T.O.M. has some way to go to be a hero but his heart is in the right place. I did notice a piece of his suit moving while he was back at the backup Arrow Cave, I’m not sure if it was CGI or not but it was a very nice touch. Roy is a bada** even without his arrows. Diggle and Felicity really came through in this episode, I love how they have made the show as much about them as Ollie. The fight scene between A.T.O.M. and the bad guy with and without Ollie was very well done. Ollie gave a terrific pep talk. When Roy showed up I was both upset and not! I understand what they did and why, but why couldn’t have Ollie known? Okay, one more time, Lance is absolutely being an a**! So now the villain, they called him Deathbolt, completely unknown to me. Now I am not an encyclopedia of the DC universe but I know it pretty well and I had never heard of this guy. A little googling found that he was an obscure villain from the 80’s who fought the JSA. So either someone on staff knows the DC universe like the back of their hand or some poor intern is compiling a list of villains and the writers go through it every week and decide who to put in the show.  I have the same question Ray does about how do they get fed and the other stuff. Ras is like a Deus ex machina of the show. Whatever he decides happens. Fighting him is like fighting the boss with no power ups. I’m not sure where the show is going but I’m going to follow it.

Grimm – I have to admit this was my least favorite episode of the series. Nick is losing it, Juliette is losing it and neither story line interests me. Add to that the main story line was not a Wessen and Nick was not needed to resolve it (and actually they didn’t resolve it) makes it meh at best. I did still enjoy Wu and the off hand comment that most crime was committed by Wessen did make me sit up and pay attention. Plus, how did Nick know where the grave was? I’m not going to stop watching the show but this episode left me cold.

The shows are winding up/down for the season finales so I expect things to get crazier. I will keep watching and keep commenting.

I’m Allen from the rural depths of the midwest signing out.

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