While King Kong has been a presence at Universal Studios in California for a number of years now, the Orlando park hasn’t seen the beast in quite a while, since his ride was removed to make way for the (quite awesome) Mummy attraction. 

It’s been long rumored, and the “Kongstruction” has been clear to any visitor of the park over the past couple of months…King Kong is returning to Universal Orlando!

The video, images, and current construction hint at this being a HUGE experience, which does seem like it’ll incorporate some kind of video experience (much like Hollywood’s version) to bring Kong to life. Though I’ve seen rumors that Kong will be animatronic, I’d be surprised if that was actually the case – sounds like it would be a maintenance nightmare! But you never know!

We’ve got a new Skull Island movie, and now a ride coming…I know I’m excited. What do you guys think?

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