Okay, more big Universal Studios news! Universal Studios and Nintendo announced this morning that they would be teaming up to bring Nintendo to the Universal Studios parks. Nintendo, the owner of such game characters as Mario and Zelda, has certainly never done anything like this before (that I know of), but I think Universal’s success with Harry Potter has opened a lot of eyes as to the possibilities the company offers in regards to bringing fiction to life for its visitors.

Though nothing’s really been announced as far as attractions, and it’ll probably be at least 3+ years before we see anything opening, this is super exciting for someone like me who grew up with Nintendo. I can imagine the cool possibilities…

  • A flight ride or indoor roller coaster (can you imagine the barrel rolls?) based on StarFox would probably be my #1 request.
  • A Mario Kart speedway.
  • Perhaps a Metroid dark ride?

What would you guys like to see in a Nintendo themed area of Universal Studios?

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