Just announced this morning on the Universal Orlando blog is that the first house coming to HHN 25 this year will combine the two icons, Freddy and Jason. 

Freddy’s coming to get you, and he’s adding a machete-wielding killer to the nightmare – it’s Freddy versus Jason at Halloween Horror Nights 25.
Taking elements from the 2003 slasher/thriller film, Freddy vs. Jason, the Entertainment Art and Design team at Universal Orlando Resort will drop guests into the middle of this epic battle.

The last time these characters were featured in the park was in 2007 (the last time Jack was the icon for HHN, actually), and they were featured in their individual houses. I believe the last time they were in the SAME house was in 2003’s All Nite Die-In, and even then they weren’t in the same scenes. 

Seeing these iconic characters always brings an odd sense of comfort to me. The boogeyman you grew up with has a sense of familiarity that makes me excited to see them again, especially in the same house! On top of them fighting each other, apparently we’ll also be seeing familiar settings from each franchise, like Crystal Lake and Elm Street. 

Also, tickets are on sale now for the event. Get yours early!