Guardians of the Galaxy #27
Story Brian Michael Bendis
Art Valerio Schiti
Colors Jason Keith
Published by Marvel Comics

Kindun The Living Planet has suddenly appeared above Spartax The Chatauri Empire are attacking.

Star-Lord , Gamora , Drax, Rocket ,Groot ,Captain Marvel , Venom, and Kitty must come together to defend Spartax and the universe. Great battles are fought. Star-Lord has a hard time accepting being the new ruler of the Spartax Empire.

I’m not going to spoil this. All I can say is this was a good end to this series. It does leave it open to hopefully start up again.

Some of the best space battles I have seen. The artwork is top notch. Start at the beginning of the series and have a great read.

Final Score
Story 5 out of 5
Art 5 out of 5
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