IoM Actual Play: The Curse of Kantukh (Chill Year 1)

Note: The following audio was recorded live at Fear The Con in May 2013. As a result, the audio quality, while good, isn’t PERFECT. pow2013_chill.fw  This is a rebroadcast of the first of Thistledown John’s CHILL game.  Year two will be posted tomorrow!

The year is 1870. The members of the internationally acclaimed Crowsley Expedition have recently returned from Egypt. There, they discovered the tomb of The Black Pharaoh, Khantukh. Under the leadership of Lord Albert Crowsley, they unearthed many treasures, and brought them back as a grand exhibition.

At the opening in London, Lord Crowsely was afflicted with a strange fever that left him dead within the space of a day. As the exhibition comes to New York, the group awaits it with sadness.

It’s no surprise to them to hear the whispers of the curse of Khantukh. After all, they knew about the curse, everyone did. Who believes in this sort of superstitious nonsense in this enlightened modern age? Lord Crowsely did not fall to some sort of black magic, grasping him from beyond the grave.

Still, the rumor that Lord Crowsely died with his face contorted in horror is a bit unsettling…

Listen as we play Chill, the Horror Role-Playing game from Pacesetter Ltd.!