Welcome, my friends to this week’s news and reviews.  San Diego news is starting to come out and the Solicitations for September are here revealing some surprises from the the big two.  So sit back and grab a drink as we check out this week’s Spandex and Capes.

Review List
June 14th, 2015

“Did you hear the one about the priest, the rabbi, and the spirit of vengeance?” – J. Corrigan


Movie News:  So Channing Tatum’s “Gambit” has finally found a director with a good resume.  It may actually be good.

Comic News:  Devil’s Due and 1First Comics announced this week that they would be merging and will be publishing Badger as one of its flagship titles.  Sadly, I didn’t know how anyone in that story was either.  And this week at Heroes on, Marvel announced that Brian Michael Bendis will chronicling the continuing adventures of Miles Morales as “Spider-Man”.  And Kelly Sue Deconnick announced that she will be leaving Captain Marvel after Secret Wars.  Which I think means that series won’t be coming back.

Convention News: So it seems that San Diego will be a little light this year as Marvel Studios as well as Sony and Paramount will allow be skipping the hallowed event.  While they have their reasons, it kind of makes you wonder.

Solicitations News:  And here for your enjoyment are September’s Solicitations:
Boom! Studios
DC Comics
IDW Publishing
Image Comics
Marvel Comics



Doomed (DC)
By Scott Lobdell with art by Javier Fernandez
Sigh.  All of the worthy young heroes to give a book and we get this dumbass idea.  Seriously, who thought (besides Mr. Lobdell) that “teenaged Doomsday” was a good pitch?  No, I’m going to beat the rush on getting out of this mini-series.  What’s that?  This is an ongoing series?  That’s what you think.  I beat this is the first “DC You” book to get canceled.



Secret Six #3 (DC)
By Gail Simone with art by Dale Eaglesham
The long awaited third issue of the Secret Six finally comes out and honestly it was well worth the wait.  While this team doesn’t have all of the charm that the original had (we would need to add in Deadshot), it does have a lot going for it.  I like the dynamics that the book is setting up.  And the reveal of Mockingbird brings a welcome addition to the cast.  It also gives some new dimensions to the Mr. Wells – who were still trying to figure out anyway.  The biggest complaint I have is the Ventriloquist – I never cared for the character and even Ms. Simone can’t seem to change my mind.  Which says a lot about how bad the character is.

Runaways #1 (Marvel)
By Noelle Stevenson with art by Sanford Greene
While it takes a little long to get to the point and the art could use some polishing, this was a great book.  I like the cast of characters as well as the general premise behind Doom’s School for the Gifted.  The reimaging of some of the characters I also think is hysterical.  Dagger with Cloak’s powers and vice verse is a nice touch.  I thought Bucky Barnes: Hall Monitor was hysterical and probably the best use of the character in a while.  I wish this had been more than just set up though.  I think the story could have been a little tighter and maybe we could have been a bit further along.  Like finding out what the test is and why it requires a team would have been nice.



Armor Wars #2 (Marvel); Astro City #24 (DC); Batman: Arkham Knight #18 (DC); Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #9 (Marvel); Deathlok #9 (Marvel); Doctor Fate #1 (DC); Dresden Files: Down Town #5 (Dynamite); Ghostbusters: Get Real #1 (IDW); Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1 (DC); Ivar, Timewalker #6 (Valiant); Justice League of America #1 (DC); Letter 44 #17 (Oni Press); Martian Manhunter #1 (DC); Magneto #19 (Marvel); Mandrake the Magician #2 (King); Moon Knight #16 (Marvel); Ms. Marvel #16 (Marvel); Old Man Logan #2 (Marvel); Prez #1 (DC); Robin: Song of Batman #1 (DC); Secret Identities #5 (Image); Sensations Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #39 (DC); Sinestro #12 (DC); Squadron Sinister #1 (Marvel); Superman-Wonder Woman #18 (DC); The Mantle #2 (Image); Wonder Woman #41 (DC)



Black Canary #1 (DC)
By Brenden Fletcher with art by Annie Wu
So a lot of people are raving about Mr. Fletcher’s work, I find it to be annoying.  First, the name of the band – who the hell randomly calls themselves the “Black Canary”?  Originally, I thought it was Dinah’s (or D.D.’s band, but we’ll get to that in a moment), but she was hired as their singer.  Once she’s done, she’s starting back up the Birds of Prey.  So you’re telling me, that Dinah Drake (which still annoys me) randomly ran into a band called the “Black Canary”?  That’s not even trying.  Like a lot of this book isn’t really trying.  The concept is tired.  I mean seriously, who was surprised that The villains aren’t after the hero?  And for the double twist, they’re after the silent, mysterious member of the band.  I never saw that coming… Oh, wait… yes I did.  The only thing that saves this from an immediate drop is the art – Ms. Wu’s art is fantastic, particularly her fight scenes.  I’ll be back next issue because of the art, but if things don’t better I’m out.

Thors #1 (DC)
By Jason Aaron with art by Chris Sprouse
So apparently, someone has to explain to Mr. Aaron how a mystery works.  First, you need to give enough clues so that the reader can try to solve the mystery.  Second, you can’t eliminate someone from the suspect pool if they are actually involved – that’s called cheating.  Three, if you’re going to make the identity of the victim a mystery, you can’t make it so obvious that an idiot could guess by page three.  And four, for the love of Thor, don’t make the murderer so obvious either.  Or the motive either.  It’s just painful.  In fact, Mr. Aaron, you should stop trying to base your stories around mysteries.  You’re just not good at it.