IoM Actual Play: The Silver Creek Horror!


It is one year after the horrifying events in the tomb of the Black Pharaoh, Khantukh. Things have returned to normal for the staff of the New York Historical Society’s museum, and excitement is building around a new expedition.

The museum will be sending a team of scholars to the Colorado Territory. A group of miners from the small settlement of Silver Creek have discovered a massive stone city built into the side of a hill. Its origins are unknown, and it’s the expedition’s task to unveil this mysterious place.

The Silver Creek Horror is an adventure for Chill, the Horror Role-Playing Game from Pacesetter Ltd.

Gamers around the table:

  • Paul from Funnybooks
  • Aron from Funnybooks
  • Andrew from Funnybooks
  • Tim from Funnybooks
  • Dan
  • Thistledown John from Knights of Reignsborough (game master)

Note that, because this was recorded at Fear The Con, sound quality is good, but not perfect.

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