On a whim this past July 4th weekend, I had the good fortune of swinging by Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, MD. I’ve heard good things about the museum before, and have been wanting to get out there for years, especially for this site, but for one reason or anther, just never got around to it. However, I happened to be up in MD on the 4th itself, and found out that the Museum currently has a special exhibit showcasing Steve Epting’s original art from his Captain America: Winter Soldier arc (written by Ed Brubaker) and thought to myself…what better way to celebrate Independence Day than with some original Captain America art?

Located right outside the gates of Orioles Park at Camden Yards, and sharing a building with the Sports Legend Museum, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is a pop culture museum, but has a decided focus on comic books, and any comic fan should absolutely make the trek out to visit. I spent hours roaming the rooms and halls, a smile from ear to ear as I took in every cool classic piece of nostalgia – membership materials from the Supermen of America, Dick Tracy memorabilia, and more. There are nine rooms in all, starting with A Story In Four Colors, a beautiful collection of comic books from the beginning through modern day, and ending with the aforementioned special exhibit and a focus on multimedia pop culture.

What I truly like about the museum is that, while there are of course plaques to read, the museum doesn’t have one for every single item (not that I saw anyway). Rather, they are appreciated on their own merits, so you don’t get bogged down in reading, but more in the visual treat. The items are keenly displayed, and tell a story from the beginning of comics all the way through the arrival of British rock in the 60’s, to Star Wars and Ninja Turtles. There’s a room in this museum that will appeal to anyone and everyone – whether you’re into comics or not. In between rooms, a tall hallway of posters and images grabs your attention, and I found myself fascinated with so much of it. It’s not just a passageway between rooms, but an exhibit in and of itself.

The Steve Epting exhibit (which is running through the end of the month) showcases a ton of original art from the now-iconic Winter Soldier arc, including the gorgeous covers. Perfectly timed for Independence Day, and something that will appeal to anyone who’s seen the movie as well.

For more information on Geppi’s Entertainment Museum, check out the official site. We paid $10 a person for tickets, but there are senior, student, and children prices as well. Do yourself a favor and go check them out!

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