I got a chance to sit down with my good friend Mr. Marlin Shoop. Marlin is the artist on the new graphic novel from Dark Horse Comics called LARP! He has always been a fantastic artist since I’ve known him way back in high school days. Shoop went to study art at the Kubert School and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Shoop had the opportunity to intern under the legendary artist Bart Sears. “He showed me what to do and what not to do when it came to storytelling, “said Shoop. Throughout his career Shoop has worked for a variety of companies including  Zenescope, Capcom, and Topps. He has worked for Archie Comics title Sonic the Hedgehog and G.I. Joe from Devil’s Due Publishing ,Whiz Kids / Heroclix using Marvel , DC characters and now LARP! From Dark Horse.

LARP! is the story of Pete a high school kid that has moved to a new town. New town means new school and making friends all over. Pete meets Horst and Laura who are in a Live Action Role Play (LARP) club. He also makes friends with the popular kids that make fun of the nerdy ones. He is torn between what he is at heart and what he has never been. It’s got drama, comedy, action and adventure.

Shoop says LARP! is the biggest project he has worked on. “All of the artwork is me” says Shoop. All the pencils to inks to the digital color was all done by Shoop. He says it too about a year to create the 80 pages of art for the book. Shoop brings a new definition to the term slave to your work. He says LARP! is a series of graphic novels that is to be released over the next 2 years . I asked him if he had any advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in comics, Shoop says “It takes persistence and tenacity.“

LARP! is Available on Amazon , Barnes and Noble , Books A Million and wherever comics are sold.