We visited Bluejacket Brewery, Restaurant & Tasting Room in SE Washington, D.C.. Based out of a century-old former factory in the Navy Yard area of D.C., Bluejacket opened in 2013, and has produced some of the most original beer available in the D.C. area. The brewery has beautiful architecture both inside and out, capturing the rustic factory-based history of the Navy Yard, while also feeling like a modern brewery. The steel and wood combination makes for certainly one of the prettiest breweries I’ve ever been to.

We tried a number of their beers, including:

  • Mexican Radio Spiced Sweet Stout (both regular and bourbon barrel-aged): Tasting of milk chocolate, vanilla, and a hint of ancho chili pepper, the Mexican Radio has a complex flavor of which I couldn’t get enough. I was also able to enjoy it bourbon barrel-aged, which accentuates the sweetness and dulls the chili pepper, but both are absolutely delicious.
  • Forbidden Planet Dry-Hopped Kolsch: A crisp kolsch, the Forbidden Planet finishes semi-dry with a hint of pepper. I’m a big fan of the Kolsch-style of beer, and found this easily drinkable, and one made for repeat drinking. If they ever wanted to can this (with some cool art, of course), I’d certainly have some in my fridge.
  • Kelsey & Greg’s Wedding Ale: A sour blonde ale with peaches and nectarines, this would normally be something I would skip. However, unlike most sours nowadays, the sourness is subtle, with a tart finish that doesn’t smack you upside the head.
  • Panther Schwarzbier: With a hint of tobacco in the flavor, cocoa, and black pepper, the Panther is the perfect accompaniment to a fine cigar.

For more thoughts on the beer and the brewery, check out our video below!

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For more information on Bluejacket, visit their official site: http://bluejacketdc.com/