In DC DEAD, teams of 6 are equipped with “neurotoxin” darts and sent through a zombie infested building to find the weapon that could end the undead onslaught. One part haunted house, and two parts interactive theatre, DC DEAD is a blast.

We were invited to explore the hidden hallways of the Anacostia Playhouse in SE Washington, DC., and we brought you along with us as we salvaged supplies and fought for our lives against the undead horde! You can hear our thoughts and see some of our experience in the video below, but I will say that DC DEAD is certainly the most unique haunt experience I’ve ever had. The storyline is one you have an active participation in, depending on the choices you make, and of course, you get to shoot zombies in the head…or become one yourself. It’s intense, fun, and well worth the visit.

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Thanks to the crew at DC DEAD for having us out. We loved it!

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