Story Mike Mignola

Art Ben Stenbeck

Colors Dave Stewart

Letters Clem Robins

Published by Dark Horse Comics

This is the start to the 1953 adventures of HellBoy and the B.P.R.D. Trevor Bruttenholm and HellBoy travel to St. Albans, England. Trevor’s friend Harry H. Middleton is an occult private investigator and he needs their help. There is a demon hand that has been haunting a family . A younger HellBoy and Trevor come to deal with the demon.

The second adventure in the book is about a ghost horse called a Kelpie or water horse. It is a creature that takes the shape of a horse and lures people to the water to drown them. This was a great start to the next set of HellBoy adventures.

Final Score

Story 5 out of 5

Art 5 out of 5

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