And we’re back once more before the holidays.  It was a light news week this week – as if the nerds all had something else to do.  Don’t know what.  My next article will be on January 3rd and will be a year in review type article, where I pick what I think was the best of the year.  But first, let’s get to this week’s news and reviews.  

66. Spandex and Capes #52
December 20th, 2015

“Happy Holiday.”


TV News: Iron Fist is starting to get into the swing of production with Title and character descriptions.  Meanwhile, Flash will add another speedster and Geomancer while Megalyn Echikunwoke will be reprising the character she voiced as Vixen on Arrow.

Movie News: DC has released a new Suicide Squad description and I’m getting more excited for this.  

Comic News: DC is finally capitalizing on the idea that they have a successful television series starring Supergirl – now if only she would get a monthly again.

Solicitations News:
Boom! Studios
Dark Horse
DC Comics
IDW Entertainment
Image Comics
Marvel Comics
Oni Press
Valiant Comics

ReviewSidekick_webAll-New X-Men #2 (Marvel); Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 (Marvel); Axcend #3 (Image); Back to the Future #3 (IDW); Batman: Europa #2(DC); Batman and Robin Eternal #11 (DC); Clean Room #3 (DC); Darth Vader Annual #1 (Marvel); Dragon Age: Magekiller #1 (Dark Horse); Ghostbusters Annual #1 (IDW); Harley Quinn #23 (DC); Invincible #126 (Image); Ivar, Timewalker #12 (Valiant) Justice League #46 (DC); Kanan #9 (Marvel); Lucifer #1 (DC); Martian Manhunter #1 (DC); The Mighty Thor #2 (Marvel); Ms. Marvel #2 (Marvel); Red Thorn #2 (DC); The Rook #3 (Image); Secret Six #9 (DC); We are Robin #7 (DC); Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #2 (Valiant)

Anti-hero_webHuck #2 (Image); Justice League United #16 (DC); Superman: American Alien #2 (DC) Ultimate End #5 (Marvel)

Villain_webSquadron Supreme #1 (Marvel)
By James Robinson, with art by Leonard Kirk, Paul Neary, and Frank Martin
So why is it whenever someone does a take on the Justice League, they have have to be murdering assholes?   I mean seriously.  This is violence for the sake of violence.  Marvel didn’t know what to do with Namor, so when James Robinson suggested killing him, they said “Yeah, sure, why not?”.  What a crock of crap.  You’re telling me that in that battle, no one else would have shown up?  Not the Avengers, the X-Men , the Illuminati, no one.  And then to destroy a city full of innocent people because you’re pissed at one guy?  No, I’m sorry.  This is one more book making it look like all anyone would do with their powers is whatever they want.  And I don’t need it.  And next month, we get to add the worst Avengers team to the mix.  Man, I almost can’t for the Civil War Redux, just so we can get rid of this crap.  I’m out on this one.

Chopped_webAll-New Inhumans (Marvel Comics)
The Illuminati (Marvel Comics)
Starbrand and Nightmask (Marvel Comics)
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl  (Marvel Comics)
Uncanny Inhumans (Marvel Comics)
Web-Warriors (Marvel Comics)
Weirdworld (Marvel Comics)
Man, Marvel just can’t stop publishing concepts that no one cares about.  The Inhumans are the new mutants and if the could find a way to make the X-Men Inhumans, Marvel would probably do it.  But until then, I don’t care about any of the character in both All-New Inhumans and Uncanny Inhumans.  The rest of these concepts I just can’t bring myself to care about the ideas behind them.  Starbrand and Nightmask were plot devices that got shifted to the wayside in Mr. Hickman’s run on the Avengers and neither were very interesting.  Unbeatable Squirrel Girl just isn’t for me because I can still remember when the character was a joke.  I’m tired of villains being the center of attention these days – so I’m out on the Illuminati.  Web-Warriors is just boring so far.  I might check it out again later, but for now the Exiles did it better.  As for Weirdworld… well, it’s a little too weird for me.
Well, that’s it for me.  Sorry to end things on a negative note, but there wasn’t much this week.  But have a Happy Holiday and I’ll see you in the New Year.

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