Busch Gardens ® Williamsburg opened their newest roller coaster, InvadR, on April 7, 2017. Announced as BGProject2017 over a year ago, InvadR was named by fans of the park in an online campaign. The theme was clear from the get-go: Vikings were setting up shop in the New France area of Busch Gardens ® Williamsburg and, after the vote was said and done, the name was chosen.

Busch Gardens ® Williamsburg updated fans on every step of progress for their first wooden roller coaster, from ground breaking to final touches. In addition, fans were given an opportunity to be the “Faces of InvadR,” if they had tat right Viking look.

Then, about 15 months after initial hints were released online, InvadR opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony full of guests and an appearance by a Viking army, led by the Faces of InvadR. Busch Gardens ® Williamsburg invited IoM out for opening of the ride. Check out our experience below!

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Visit buschgardens.com for more on InvadR!

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