The first new Star Trek TV series since 2005 has arrived! Star Trek: Discovery premiered on CBS and its streaming service, CBS All Access, on September 24, 2017. Aron and Paulie, huge fans of Star Trek, get on the mics to discuss the second episode, exclusive to CBS All Access, “Battle at the Binary Stars.”

What were your thoughts on “Battle at the Binary Stars?” Are you investing in CBS All Access to continue watching? Do you want to see us discuss future episodes of Star Trek: Discovery?

Talkback below!

2 thoughts on “Star Trek Discovery With Aron and Paulie: Battle at the Binary Stars

  1. Did the one week trial largely so I could listen to the podcast about the second episode. Have enjoyed the show more than the Funnybooks hosts thus far. I like the lead character, which helps.

    How nerdy is it that we recognized Klingonese is not being spoken properly?

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