The Eighth Annual Funnybook Awards!
Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie

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We are here with the Eighth Annual Funnybook Awards, celebrating our favorite comics and moments of 2017. Come enjoy our love of the medium and make sure you leave us a comment down below (or call out IoM Hotline at 972-763-5903) with what you loved about this banner year in comics!

Our categories:

  • Favorite Supporting Character
  • Favorite Villain
  • Favorite Hero
  • Favorite TV Show Based on a Comic Book
  • Favorite Movie Based on a Comic Book
  • Favorite Cover
  • Holy Sh*T Moment of the Year
  • Favorite Limited Series or OGN
  • Favorite Writer
  • Favorite Artist
  • Favorite Event or Crossover
  • Favorite New Series
  • Favorite Ongoing Series

Our favorite comic covers in 2017…