This morning, Universal Orlando Resort made Horror Nights fans very happy by announcing the fourth haunted house coming to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event! Before we get into the announcement, let’s recap what we know already.

  • First, we received the announcement for Stranger Things, which will return this year and incorporate elements from the second and upcoming third seasons of the popular Netflix show.
  • Second, we received news that the Nightingales would make their horrific return in the time of Ancient Rome inNightingales: Blood Prey.
  • Most recently, we received official confirmation that the Universal Monsters would be returning to Horror Nights, featuring the classic creatures for their first full dedicated house since HHN19.

And now, we have the news of Depths of Fear, a new original concept house coming to this year’s event. In this house, the workers of a deep-sea mining company have found themselves having ventured too deep and encountering a parasitic race of creatures, the “Mouthbrooders.” Visitors will find themselves encountering infected miners and slithering, acid-spewing creatures. A self-destruct sequence counts down to the inevitable implosion of the facility.

With that, our officially announced tally is up to four, with six more houses to go! Halloween Horror Nights returns to Universal Studios Florida on select nights from Sept. 6 – Nov. 2. This year, you’ll experience 10 haunted houses, 5 scare zones, live entertainment and more.

What do you think? What do you hope to see at HHN29, and what announcements have you most excited so far?

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