Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
The 10th Annual Funnybook Awards!

Here it is! Our 10th annual showcase of our favorites in comics and comic-related media! Who were our favorite characters, writers, artists, and more? Listen and find out, and lease us feedback on the IoMGeek Hotline @ 972-763-5903!

The categories and (SPOILERS) winners are listed below:

  • Favorite Supporting Character – Jarro (W), Mary Jane, Goddesses of Thunder
  • Favorite Villain – Moira McTaggart, Namor, Dr. Manhattan (W)
  • Favorite Hero – Superman (W), Ash (Kieron Gillen’s Die)
  • Favorite TV Show Based on a Comic Book – Watchmen, Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol
  • Favorite Movie Based on a Comic Book – Avengers Endgame (W)
  • Favorite Cover – Batman Universe 3, Invaders 9, Tales of the Dark Multiverse: Death of Superman, Doomsday Clock 12
  • Holy Sh*T Moment of the Year – Threesome of Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Cyclops; End of Fantastic Four 2099 (W); End of Absolute Carnage
  • Favorite Limited Series or OGN – DCEased (W), King Thor, They Call Us Enemy
  • Favorite Writer – Scott Snyder, Kieron Gillen (W)
  • Favorite Artist – Nick Derrington, Esad Ribic (tie)
  • Favorite Event or Crossover – Doomsday Clock (W), Absolute Carnage, Annihilation Scourge
  • Favorite New Series – Once and Future (W), Undiscovered Country, Die
  • Favorite Ongoing Series – Justice League, Once and Future, Star Trek Year Five, Knights of the Dinner Table

Favorite Cover Gallery: