Star Wars Celebration takes place Thursday May 26 – Sunday May 29, 2022 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. This will be our FOURTH Star Wars Celebration and we’ve learned a few tricks along the way that we thought we’d share with you on how to get the most out of Star Wars Celebration.

First, and more importantly, download the app when available.

The app was introduced during prior Star Wars Celebrations and, at least in Chicago’s, was SUPER useful in finding panels, establishing the schedule of things I wanted to attend, and for tracking of lotteries and reservation times, such as for the Celebration store.

Enter the lotteries for the main panels you want to attend

You won’t be able to attend any of the main panels without being accepted via the lotteries. As a badgeholder, you’ll be notified when the lotteries open, and make sure you apply if there’s a panel you want to attend.

Many of the major retailers will also have lotteries to purchase exclusives

Check with the major retailers that you’re interested in – check their social medias leading up to the show, or through the Star Wars Celebration website itself, to know if their exclusive merchandise will only be available via lottery. This may be true of major retailers such as Funko and Lego.

For access to the Star Wars Celebration merchandise store, check the app and website – it will likely require a reservation time.

If you want to have a photo or pre-purchased autograph ticket for a particular celebrity, check the Star Wars Celebration website now.

If a celebrity you’re interested in has already sold out, keep checking back for new slot openings, or check at the convention itself. 

If you’re not interested in specific merchandise, or don’t have a reservation at opening, show up 15 minutes after door opening.

Though lotteries do help to discourage overnight camping, hardcore fans, exclusive merchandise seekers and, sadly, scalpers, will still line up very early. If you don’t have an interest in sitting on the cement, or don’t have a burning need to hit a specific booth RIGHT at opening, wait 15 minutes after door opening to show up. The line to enter the convention will be MUCH smaller and you’ll roll right in.

From experience – RELAX!

If you’ve never attended SWC before, I can tell you this from experience, it can be VERY overwhelming. Between the number of people, and if you have a burning desire to get exclusives….it can also be upsetting to hit multiple booths just to be greeted with sold out signs. I’ve been there – it’s almost panic-attack inducing. If you have exclusives you want, plan ahead – research how they will be available. If you don’t, just take your time and enjoy the experience vs. being so focused on a mission. I enjoyed the convention a lot more after I took a minute to breathe and focus on the show, and less on my goals. 

It’s easy to get wrapped up in panels, but the real memories are made on the convention floor

This is personal opinion, obviously, but, other than some of the MAJOR panels (such as the reveal of the episode IX trailer), my best memories of Star Wars Celebration are the ones I shared with fans on the convention floor. The convention floor has so much to look at, between show props, video game experiences, art shows, tattoo vendors, and more, it’s likely that even if you hit it multiple times, you’ll discover new stuff every time. Make sure to save yourself some time to hit the floor.

Single Day Tickets are still on sale.

Though multi-day tickets are currently only available through Lyte, single day tickets for certain days are still available on the website. I find that multi-day is my preference, but don’t feel discouraged if you only have one day – there will be PLENTY to do. 

You’ll be tempted to do Disneyland since it’s across the street.

Your mileage may vary, but you’ll be on your feet and in lines A LOT at SWC. I find trying to fit a full day of convention AND some Disney time at night is exhausting for me, but generally if I’m going to do Disney, I’ll shorten my day at Celebration, or extend my travel plans to include some extra Disney time.

Health and Safety 

The current policy of Star Wars Celebration requires proof of vaccination or negative COVID test. In additions, attendees will be required to wear an approved face covering. More updates to this will be available at the official SWC website.

Most importantly – say hi when you see us!

We love Star Wars, we love talking to you, and we’re psyched for the return of Star Wars Celebration. The point of the show is to celebrate Star Wars, and there’s more Star Wars to celebrate than ever before. I look forward to experiencing it with all of you!