Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie
The 14th Annual Funnybook Awards!

The gang is back to give no-prizes to the best in comic book entertainment for 2023! Spoilers below for the winners.

  • Favorite Supporting Character – Lois Lane, Jack of Hearts, Lex Luthor
  • Favorite Villain – Lex Luthor, Ferris (A Vicious Circle), Frank Castle/The Punisher
  • Favorite Hero – Superman, Scarlet Witch, Jon Kent
  • Favorite TV Show Based on a Comic Book – Loki Season 2, What If?
  • Favorite Movie Based on a Comic Book – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, The Flash
  • Favorite Cover – Captain America #2, Doctor Strange #1, JL vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2, Scarlet Witch #8
  • Holy Sh*T Moment of the Year – The introduction of the Energon Universe in Void Rivals, Young Frank Castle lights a man on fire, Lex Luthor gets stabbed in Superman, A Vicious Circle #1
  • Favorite Limited Series or OGN –  A Vicious Circle, Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Dog of War, Junkyard Joe, Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent
  • Favorite Writer – Joshua Williamson, Chris Cantwell, She-Hulk writer, Tom Taylor
  • Favorite Artist – Gary Frank (Junkyard Joe), Lee Bermejo (A Vicious Circle)
  • Favorite Event or Crossover – Ultimate Invasion, Star Trek: Day of Blood, Fall of X
  • Favorite New Series – Transformers, G.O.D.S., Scarlet Witch
  • Favorite Ongoing Series – Superman, Daredevil