One Geek To Another – Being a Good Loser

Voting for the ENnie Awards closes today. One Geek To Another has been nominated for Best Blog, but–as in any competition–there can be only one ultimate winner. While I’d appreciate your vote, it seemed an appropriate time to tackle a difficult topic: being a good loser. The adage says, it’s not whether you win or […]

One Geek To Another – Geek Solidarity

Last week, I received an email from TJ, someone who listens to the podcast I co-host (Pulp Gamer – Out of Character). TJ enjoyed the show, but specifically liked the fact that I was one of the first podcasters he’d met who “admitted” to being a LARPer (Live Action Role Player, as opposed to solely […]

One Geek To Another – Plugging In

This week’s topic comes through a rather circuitous route, so bear with me… It starts a month ago, when I spent the first two weeks of December on a writing retreat. The idea was simple. Seclude myself away in an area I find environmentally stimulating (for me, this is means winter storms, grey skies, trees […]