Madness at the Movies: The Other Guys

I really dislike Will Ferrell.  I mean, sure, I like Old School just like every other dude, but I don’t think I’ve outright enjoyed any film since then where he was the lead (or one of the leads).  Maybe it was because I wasn’t too familiar with him when Old School came out, and I […]

Madness at the Movies: Dinner for Schmucks

I remember, after seeing the trailer for Dinner for Schmucks, thinking “Christ on a bike, who the hell would want to see that movie?” before realizing that my buddy sitting next to me was excited about it.  Begrudgingly, I agreed to see it with him, because he’s that movie buddy that will typically go see […]

WTF? Russell Brand in the remake of Arthur?

Okay….I know this isn’t the type of news we typically report on here at IoM, but something had to be said.  According to Coming Soon, Helen Mirren has joined the cast of the upcoming Arthur remake, which apparently stars…Russell Brand. I just had a conversation about how much Brand has overstayed his welcome with me, […]

Order your Jack Chop NOW!

And get a free f*cking glowstick! Oh yeah, probably shoulda told you that wasn’t suitable for work.  Sorry bout that. The above video was directed by the guy who brought us Hatchet (which kicks ass) and Spiral (which also kicks ass), Adam Green.  He does a short film every year that usually have a horror/comedy […]