Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: Flash Facts!

It’s another full house this week, as Aron, Paul, Wayne, Jonathan, and Tim discuss all the week’s news, groove to Brightest Day, and share stories of cheatin’ on your comic shop. C2E2 News… Marvel’s Secret Avengers, Eaglesham’s leaving FF (maybe), Fantastic Three, Vampire Jubilee, Death of Dracula, Jonathan votes with his wallet Comic shop loyalty […]

DC Releases More Flash Goodies!

Man, I am super excited about the upcoming Johns/Manapul relaunch of The Flash¸starting this April.  And it looks like DC is too – they’re sending out tons of awesome preview art that really make this book look like a Flash we’ve never seen before.  One thing we’ve been complaining about in books like Flash: Rebirth […]

Ready for some BRIGHTEST DAY Rings?

Screw you Marvel! That’s what DC is saying about Marvel’s recent “trade in your Blackest Night ring comics and get a Deadpool Siege variant” promotion, because they are now offering ANOTHER ring promotion…and you know what?  This one’s even cooler! As you can see at right DC’s new BRIGHTEST DAY rings, starting with the The […]

More BRIGHTEST DAY Goodness!

The news rolled out every couple of hours at DC’s The Source Blog today, with nothing but awesome BRIGHTEST DAY related goodies! In addition to this morning’s BRIGHTEST DAY announcement, DC’s starting off a week of announcements with even more BRIGHTEST DAY news, including the revelation that, in addition to being a 26-issue bi-weekly series, […]