Dollhouse: Episode 4 "Gray Hour"

Spoilers Ahead… The set up for “Gray Hour” showed F. Murray Abraham-Looking-Guy (I always get Tony Amendola confused with F. Murray Abraham)  meeting with Ms. DeWitt (Olivia Williams) to hire one of the Dollhouse operatives for a job with “special requirements.”  Given Ms. DeWitt’s concerns regarding the risks and the subsequent scene of Echo (Dushku) […]

Dollhouse: Episode 3 "Stage Fright"

SPOILERS AHEAD… It’s been a bit rough watching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.  The first episode was painful setting up a series that seemed all about the exploitation of young women unawere they were even being abused.  Our nausea was transformed to an ick-factor in the second episode, but since we got to see Dushku hand a […]

Dollhouse: Episode 2 "The Target"

Some spoilers ahead… Last week, I shared how disturbing I found Joss Whedon’s new series, Dollhouse.  I found it to be a show about victimization.  Just nauseating, really. The second episode, “The Target,” while certainly an improvement over the first remains awfully creepy.  And not that good kind of creepy like Vincent Price.  No, the […]