Eliza DuskuYeah, I know the picture at right isn’t from the TV series Dollhouse, but maybe it should have been.  Aron may have warmed up to the series, but I’m still debating.  I’m only four episodes in and still trying to catch up, but what makes it difficult is that I’ve seen nothing that makes it worth me continuing with it.

Apparently,Fox may agree with me.  According to Blog@Newsarama, Fox may have listed the 12th episode as the series’ final.  Considering 14 episodes were filmed (including the still-unaired pilot and a 14th episode that was filmed, but never ordered), I’m sure we may seem some resolutions to some of the storylines, but I’m kind of thinking that this show may end up going the way of Serenity, Freakylinks, Fastlane, and tons of other Fox Friday night shows…except X-Files, which appears to have been a fluke.  Again, it’s not that I’ve disliked Dollhouse, but I’ve not seen enough to keep me interested.

This, on top of the potential Terminator cancellation, just spells out that the Fox Friday Night Curse may be something that any show, regardless of quality, will not be able to overcome.  Except repeats of Cops, which tend to pull in higher ratings than Terminator or Dollhouse.

8 thoughts on “Another victim of the Fox Friday Night Curse?

  1. Okay, here’s the explanation:

    Fox the NETWORK ordered 13 episodes. Fox the STUDIO filmed 14 episodes. Fox the NETWORK did not like one of the 13 episodes they ordered, so they are only airing 12. The drama, if there is any, is that all involved assumed they would air the last episode since it was filmed. Why not air it?

    While I enjoy the show, I fully expect it to be cancelled given its recent ratings.

  2. I was reading more about this – the final episode filmed was never meant to be aired. Apparently it takes place in the future, after an Apocalypse! It’s totally meant to get the season up to 13 episodes just for the DVD set and, given the ratings, I figure that’s probably where we’ll end up seeing it. A shame…that’s one episode I’d really dig on!

  3. I have nothing to contribute other than to say her rib cage there? It’s kinda freaking me out. Eat a hamburger, woman! Make that a double bacon cheeseburger! Somethin’.

  4. Maybe the key to victory on Fox Fridays is having a sweet opening theme. X-Files had one, Cops definitely has one. Do these other shows? Probably not.

    1. Ohhh…methinks you have a good point. The theme for Dollhouse is pretty grating, honestly. Firefly’s theme sucked (don’t beat me up Firefly fans!). I’m not even sure what the Terminator theme is.

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