JL 3000 4This issue of Justice League 3000 is very much a mixed bag.

In the positive column, we finally get answers to how this new league was made.

In he negative column, there is more Locus.

This issue opens with the remaining members of the League traipsing through the sewers of Tarkon Glatos to meet up with their creator, Ariel. How they were created is a fascinating story. The idea that has been put forward is that they are clones. We find out that this is incorrect as clones deteriorated within 48 hours after creation. Instead, Ariel conceived of a way for the genetic material that Cadmus had found to overwrite the existence of a volunteer. Thus a new version of the hero would be born. This is explains why these new heroes aren’t exact replicas of the originals. The process can only do so much with what it is given.

We also get to see the wonder twins restoring the Flash back to life. As he awakens, there is a brief moment of disorientation and then memories come flooding back.  We get to see that resent memories are easily recalled while those in the distant past are the ones that suffer from degradation. Interesting, really.

This is counterbalanced by reappearance of Locus. I knew that we would be revisiting this character as she had captured Green Lantern but I don’t have to like it.

I mentioned in her last appearance that reality-controlling characters tend to be deal breakers for me. In this issue, Locus continues on with this delusional conversation with her captive as if he is her boyfriend. This just leads me to ask the question, Why? Why allow him to have free will and not act like your boyfriend? We have been given no limits on what she can do so why should she suffer anyone she wants to be her lover not return her affections? Is this so we get the point that she is crazy? If so, why give her the ability to alter reality at a whim because if you are crazy and can do that then the universe would always match delusions. This, in the end, makes the character not crazy.

I hate reality-controlling characters.

The only good thing about her appearance in this issue is that there is a full page illustrations where she is fighting Green Lantern in space and rips his power cloak. This page is just gorgeous. It comes across as so dynamic and vibrant despite being set in space. Even the framing is just excellent.

The issue ends with the heroes on Tarkon Glatos being surrounded by two of the Five and the introduction of another member of the Justice League, Firestorm.

The return of Firestorm is tilting the balance for me on picking up the next issue. The continued presence of Locus is painful and I hope we either get a better explanation of her character or see her shuffle off the stage for an extended time. I am also hoping for a deeper explanation of the process of creating the new heroes. I would like to know why they didn’t use a daxamite to create Superman. If they did, what went wrong.


2 thoughts on “Justice League 3000 No 4

  1. So what happened to Superboy and the “original” Superman lineage?

    Is this all new 52 era which is why the above is being ignored?

    What about the new 52 Superboy that doesn’t seem effected by that mentioned time limit?

    Still not getting the reason for this new series when a Legion of Superheroes version would have made this much more interesting and relevant since that timeline isn’t as far as the JLA copying… I am assuming they didn’t get rid of LOSH altogether?

  2. Oh by the way thanks for the reviews been wondering about this series so its nice to get a second opinion on these!

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