Funnybooks Discusses #SDCC2019 – Part One!

The first of our San Diego Comic-Con discussions includes the first couple of days of the Con, including Brandon Routh returning to the role of Superman, Batman Beyond, Thor 4, Grim Jack, DC Animated Movies,  Doctor Doom, Top Gun: Maverick, and the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The boys also chat about new comic releases, Jimmy […]

Funnybooks with Aron and Paulie: The Terrifics! and YouTube San Diego Comic Con News (Spawn, The Terrifics, Captain America, Young Justice, DC Animated Announcements, Defenders, Doctor Doom, Shazam) Superman #27 Super Sons #6 Aquaman #26 The Mighty Thor #21

More SDCC News!

Chuck: Sadly, next season will most definitely be its last. Which is good, I guess. They were bound to get cancelled eventually. Holy Terror: Frank Miller is finally releasing the graphic novel that started out as Batman fighting the Taliban. The Dark Knight: Speaking of Batman, DC Animated is adapting Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns […]

Comic Con 2011 News!

Yeah … we’re not at SDCC this year.  Don’t rub it in. Still, there’s tons and tons and tons of news rolling out that we’ve been watching with baited breath and, though nothing has blown our socks off just yet, there’s still been a number of interesting announcements …