Todd McFarlane, The Phantom, Joe Hill’s Plunge, and Batman Vs. Dracula!

Funnybooks rolls on! This week, Paul and Aron discuss the excellent Forbes interview with Todd McFarlane, how comic shops can innovate in these troubled times, the latest The Phantom comics from Frew Publishing, Plunge from DC Comics and Joe Hill, and finally, The Batman vs. Dracula animated movie! Todd McFarlane and Spawn Kickstarter Jetpack Comics and the lack […]

Robert Kirkman + Todd McFarlane = HAUNT!

Damn yous Robert Kirkman.  Damn yous to hell.  I wish I could quit you! Homoerotic movie quotes aside, I have a love/hate relationship with Robert Kirkman.  I’ve quit reading Invincible, Brit, Walking Dead, and Astounding Wolf-Man all at least once.  Of course, now (other than Brit) I’ve managed to start repurchasing all of them on […]