Watch the Watchmen…on DVD!

DVDActive HD, the best DVD news site on the web, released info today about the upcoming Watchmen DVD’s!  Apparently, there are three versions – the bare bones 1-disc version, the 2-disc Director’s Cut, and the Blu-Ray, which is also the director’s cut! As far as we know, no extra material will be included on the […]


These Apple commercial parodies are a dime a dozen nowadays.  But this one is funny.  In a geeky kinda way.  Except for Sabretooth.  That guys not funny at all.  Stupid Sabretooth.

Madness at the Movies: Watchmen (Paul's Take)

Comic fans are an interesting breed.  In general, most comic fans hate any changes made to the storylines of their favorite comics when those comics are adapted to cinema.  Still, the most successful comic adaptions, like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve, and the X-Men series come with […]

The Crap You Should Buy This Week: 3/1/09-3/7/09

Trying to figure out how to spend your hard-earned cash this week? You know you wait with baited breath for your Tuesday Best Buy visit and your Wednesday comic shop visit! Well, here’s a list of the good stuff coming out this week – don’t waste your money on anything else! Well…stop playing Killzone 2 […]

Epic Fail: Not Watching Watchmen

Huge screwgie. The line I was in was the wait-and-see line. As in wait and see if there’s room after they’ve let in all the guys who got in line five hours ago. Now I have to see it like Paul – on or after the release date.   Poop.