Ideology of Madness!

Hello there boils and ghouls!  Have a seat on your favorite crypt, turn off all of the lights, and prepare yourself for a tale of the macabre, a tale of the mysterious, a tale I like to call…..

Ideology of Madness

The Cryptkeeper

You awaken from a deep sleep, startled by an alarming racket outside.  Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you walk over to your window and pull the curtains aside.  Down the street you see a slow moving mist crawl over the horizon.  Strange, shadowed figures march towards your town, the makings of a large carnival.  As they near your house, the mist seems to slow to a stop, hovering in front of your house as a thin man in a suit makes his way out from the mysterious cloud, motioning for you to come outside.

Uneasy but curious, you do as he asks, walking from your front door towards the man – he’s even thinner up close, and a top hat obscures a good look at his face.  Still, it looks as if…almost as if he has no skin, no eyes…is he a skeleton?  You brush the thought from your mind as he waves a bony hand at the mist, pointing the way.  You follow his suggestion, walking in as the haze surrounds you, welcoming you like an old friend.  Have you been here before?  You walk around, and realize this is something the likes of which you have never seen before.

You are overwhelmed as, all around you, you see reviews, news, and discussions…all about your favorite things.  Movies, comic books, role playing games, theme parks…it’s everything you love, all in one place, all in a way you’ve never seen it before!  “What is this place?” you ask.

As if in response, you feel the thin man’s hand on your shoulder.  Suddenly, you feel a sharp burst of pain from his touch, as if the darkness of his hand has entered your skin and is coursing through your veins.  You turn to face him, but quickly lose consciousness…

You open your eyes.  Where are you?  Back home, it appears.  Is that strange mist still outside?  You want to walk over to the window, but as you try, you realize that you’ve been paralyzed.  Wait…not paralyzed.  Your mind reels in horror as you realize your body is moving, but you’re not in control of it.  You’re bleeding, but you can’t move your head to see where the blood is coming from.  What’s happening?

Around the room, written on the wall, are the same three words…over and over and over….


Welcome to the site!  Enjoy the madness!

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