Super Bowl XLIII

It’s true!  I mean, let’s think about it.  You watch the Super Bowl with people, more than likely some drinking will be had.  Let’s say you don’t drink, you’re still more likely to drink more soda/water/whatever.  But, seriously, half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is the commercials.  So, for four or five hours you don’t go to the bathroom.  Sounds painful to me!  No wonder so many people call out on the day after.


I don’t remember the last time this happened, but two movies are showing their very first trailers this Sunday during Super Bowl.  And they’re pretty big flicks!

Remember when you saw the cartoon Transformers: The Movie, and you heard, for the very first time, a Transformer say “damn?”  And the film was so violent, and they kept killing all your favorite Transformers, and freakin’ Optimus Prime died!

Then a couple of months later, G.I. Joe: The Movie came out, and Duke went into a coma, Cobra Commander turned into a snake, Heavy Duty went blind, and someone stabbed a bad guy in the eye!

And they say cartoons nowadays are violent.  Heh.

Anyway, relive the days of old when two of what are surely the greatest movies of all time premiere their first trailers during Super Bowl tonight!

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe: What do I say about this one?  It’s directed by Stephen Sommers.  I think the only film of his I didn’t like was Van Helsing, but I REALLY didn’t like that one.  Still, his promise of making a G.I. Joe film with the feeling of all those great James Bond films (before they went all Bourne) really has me excited.  Plus, it’s G.I. Joe, so I’m already hyped to see Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow duke it out on the big screen.  Most of the characters, other than Marlon Wayans, seem really good for their roles.  I’m uneasy about Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Cobra Commander, but only because of his age.  I’m actually a big fan of his as an actor.  If the commercial doesn’t show Snake Eyes doing some ninja action, I’ll be sorely disappointed. (as I was typing this, they posted the Teaser online….HELL TO THE YES!)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The original Transformers, besides being about 15/20 minutes too long, was a darn great film.  My main problems with it were John Turturro (who I normally like) and Anthony Anderson (who I don’t think I’ve ever liked).  Turturro seems to be back for the sequel (ugh), but it seems like Anthony Anderson isn’t.  Thankfully, Jonah Hill replacing him as the comedic relief seems to have fallen through.  In the end, all that matters is that yes, there will be robots doing robot things, and Megan Fox is back!  Matthew Marsden is in it, too, which is pretty cool.  I liked him in Rambo.

According to Michael Bay’s blog, the Transformers spot is going to pop up a couple of minutes into the third quarter.  Keep an eye out! (dang…or you can watch it here.  Gotta love YouTube!)

There are some other trailers playing during Super Bowl, including Star Trek (yay!), Angels and Demons (eh), Wolverine (please God make this good), Fast and Furious (Oh yeah!), and Monsters vs. Aliens (in 3D!).  But I doubt we’ll see much new footage from those.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and check back tomorrow for even more Madness!