Totem!Look at that beautiful creature to your right.  That’s Totem, from Puppet Master 4 and 5!  Totem also had his own movie back in 2004, which you can actually get on the cheap from Amazon.

This Friday, at Full Moon Direct, the Totem replica goes on sale!  The coolest thing about it?  There are only 200 in existence, and the first 50 orders will get a FREE EIGHTEEN DVD box set of the best Full Moon films ever!  Want to find out more about Full Moon Pictures?  Check out my previous article about them here!

You get some of the best films they’ve ever done with this box set too – Puppet Master 1-3, Dollman, Demonic Toys, The Pit and The Pendulum, Subspecies 1-3…heck, just look after a jump for a pic of all that you get in the box set!

Full Moon's Archive Collection