Dead SpaceTell you the truth, I’m surprised.  I had heard Dead Space didn’t do as well as EA was hoping, so now I hear there’s a new Dead Space coming for Wii, and it’s not a port of the Xbox/Ps3 game?  This is just…hella awesome!

Dead Space: Extraction is a prequel to the original Dead Space, so the question is how it fits in with the previous prequel DVD, comic book, and online series.  I really enjoyed Dead Space, especially since I was able to finish the game and get the full story.  Any game that gets me creeped out and jumpy is pretty darn awesomeness.  Besides…the only way to kill the bad guys is by DISMEMBERMENT.  Yes, I’ll repeat that.  DISMEMBERMENT.  Sounds prime for Wii, don’t it?

Check out the trailer after the jump because, well, it’s big and it screws up the look of the site.

Check out the official site for more info!