Black LightningIn 1977, Black Lightning appeared in Black Lightning #1 becoming the first African American character to headline his own book at DC Comics.  His stomping grounds were the slums of Metropolis.  While Superman fought his battles high in the skies, Black Lightning was beating down the badguys in the streets.  High school principal by day, thunderbolt hurling badass by night!

Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella who worked on Black Goliath, Luke Cage: Power Man, and Ghost Rider,  called BL his favorite character.

The original Black Lightning series was canceled in 1978 as part of DC’s Implosion, a culling of twenty-some titles.  But not to fear, BL appeared in World’s Finest and as a team member in The Outsiders.

In 2000, Jefferson Pierce (aka Black Lightning) became the United States Secretary of Education in the Luthor administration.  He has since resigned.  Black Lightning currently appears in both Justice League of America (he’s a member!) and in his own Year One mini-series.

Black Lightning gets around.

He’s appeared in Fred Hembeck’s strip.


But I will never forget his appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Funeral For a Friend. Superman s Funeral.

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