Turtles Turn 25!

Seriously?  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turn 25 this year.  Why the hell haven’t they made a bigger deal about this?  I mean…the Turtles are a phenomenon!  Well, were.  I still think their current cartoon is pretty popular.  Check out www.tmnt25.com for all the latest news on the upcoming planned events for the Turtles’ anniversary.

The one thing I’m looking forward to the most is the TMNT Road Trip, where the Turtles (yes, the real ones…duh) travel the country in their party van and do performances!  Heh…just like in the latest movie where Michaelangelo performs at kids’ birthday parties.  The tour starts at the end of April in New York and ends in July in San Diego.  Sadly, it’s not coming anywhere near Virginia, but in June it’s coming to Dallas, Texas!  I’m going to make Aron go to it.

Other planned coolness includes a reprint of the original couple of issues by Eastman and Laird, some new trade paperbacks of the classic Archie series and, quite possibly, them finally getting back to making some damn new Turtles comics!  Jeez!  It’s been forever.

I can’t lie…I’d probably pay a pretty penny for reprints of the Archie series…especially the Mighty Mutanimals.  No one knows what the hell I’m talking about, I’m sure.


Anyway, if you can remember eating Green Turtle Pies with Vanilla Puddin’ Power inside, going to actually see the Turtles’ rock opera, or playing the arcade game with three of your buds (you know you always played as Leonardo or Donatello!), check out www.tmnt25.com!