Fairy Quest

Back in December 2006, probably my favorite living comic book artist, Humberto Ramos, announced a project that he and Paul Jenkins (one of my favorite comic writers) were working on together called Fairy Quest.  Now, like I said, I’m a HUGE fan of both of these guys, and absolutely have loved everything they’ve done together – a run on Peter Parker: Spider-Man, starting up Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 2, and finally, and most importantly, Revelations.


Like a comic book version of Angels and Demons, Revelations told the story of the murder of the man next in line to be the pope and the investigative agent who can’t figure out how in the heck the murder happened, when all the evidence doesn’t make sense.  It’s a fantastic read, even if you’re not a comic fan, and the art is pretty much the best thing Ramos has done in his entire career.  I love this series like I love Hostess Cupcakes (read: A LOT).

So, when Ramos announced way back when that he was working on another creator-owed project with Jenkins, I was psyched.  I check his blog almost daily for any updates on the project, and there has been next to nothing for a LONG time.  In 2008, some hype seemed to be on another project they were walking on called Fantasy Crime Squad, which, near as I can tell, is an upcoming CGI-cartoon movie.

Fantasy Crime SquadFrom what I can tell, it looks like Fantasy Crime Squad is the project Fairy Quest was going to be.  Still, at San Diego Comicon in 2008, Humberto Ramos released a sketchbook entirely featuring Fairy Quest art, and even a statue of its two main characters.

Fairy Quest Book

Fairy Quest Statue

Both of these are still for sale at Brand Studio Press.  I’ve actually picked up two copies of the book (one signed by Ramos) and the statue, both of which sit proudly in my office.  I flip through the book regularly – I just love that art!

So…my conundrum is…does Fantasy Crime Squad still exist?  Is it the same as Fairy Quest?  Are they two separate projects?  Will either of them see the light of day?  If so, when?  Ramos seems pretty busy right now doing work for Marvel Comics.  I just would really love to find out more about these projects!

So how about it?  Anyone out there in dreamland have any information on this project?

More art from the book and the online postings below so you can get just as excited for this project as I am!









3 thoughts on “Donde Esta Fairy Quest?

  1. sorry for taking soooo long to answer this, so Ok here it goes.
    Fairyquest is happening and you guy can be able to see it publish both in the US (marvel) and Europe (soleil).
    The reason why i took so long to finally put our hands in the works is pretty much ;lack of time, tight schedules, and working compromises.
    That’s why I put out the Narrator’s book last summer in the SDCC, to force me to create a real schedule, in which I can start thinking for real about the book, as I’m writing this lines I’m finish my run in the ATI book, so from next week to the end of the year I will work in nothing else but FQ.
    FCS, is a different project, and that as well will come to life eventually, unfortunately I only work one book at a time.
    Thanks for keeping track of my work, and wait for FQ, i promise it won’t let you down, Paul and I have work really hard on this one.
    Keep it tune OK?

    greetings earthlings.

    Humberto Ramos.

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