Killer Movie

Killer Movie is kind of odd.  First off, it’s called Killer Movie, so at first I thought it would be a parody, like Disaster Movie or any of those pieces of junk.  Turns out, it’s about a reality show being filmed in a podunk town that uncovers a series of slasher slayings surrounding the town’s claim to fame, its hockey team.

So….why is it called Killer Movie?  It’s not about a movie (well, except for a movie star who’s in town researching a role while the reality show staff is filming) at all.  I mean, it’s a movie about a killer, but still.  It would be like calling Star Wars “Space Movie.”  Eh…it’s a small complaint.

Overall, Killer Movie is an enjoyable, better than average DTV.  The acting is very good, which isn’t really surprising given the talent.  The film is filled with faces you’ve probably seen somewhere before, like  Jason London (from Mallrats!), Paul Wesley (Fox Family’s Fallen mini series), Nestor Carbonell (the mayor with eyeliner from The Dark Knight), J.C. Chasez (ha!), and Leighton Meester (from Gossip Girl).

It’s not quite as funny as I think it wants to be, but it’s a good satirical look at reality shows (considering the director’s experience filming episode of Real World and The Simple Life, it’s not hard to see where he got his motivation).  The main problem that I had with it is the horror aspect.  It only comes into play once every fifteen minutes or so for a quick kill, and the mystery behind the killings doesn’t seem to play into the main storyline as much as you’d think it would until almost an hour into the film.

Tell you the truth, what it reminded me of is a really good episode of the CW’s Supernatural.  I half expected Sam and Dean Winchester to pop up into the frame and start shooting at things.  It didn’t happen, but I guess my point is that, if you’re a fan of Supernatural, despite this not being…well, supernatural, the film is definitely up your alley.  It’s got that subtle humor, little bit of gore, bit of a CW feel to it.

And my wife liked it because it has the guy who plays Kirby in Lipstick Jungle.

Not sure if this’ll pop up on PPV when it comes out, but the flick is definitely worth a rent. has it for $26.99, which seems way too pricey, even if it does have a digital copy you’re more than likely never going to use.  I’ve paid that much for a full season of television before.  Still, such is the way with DTV horror, unless it’s released by Dimension Extreme or Lionsgate.  I’m still waiting for Midnight Movie to go down in price before I buy it, and I really liked that one.

Final verdict: rent it and watch it when Supernatural goes on hiatus.  Even if you’re not a fan of horror (and if you’re not, why are you reading this?), it’s worth your time because…well, it’s not that hardcore of a horror flick, but it’s pretty good nonetheless.

Paul Awesomeness Score - 6Paul’s Awesomeness Score: 6 out of 10