Mmm Mmmmm!  Dandy smoke!Sitting out in the backyard this evening, I was afforded the opportunity to sample a Torano Virtuoso.  It was the second Torano I’ve enjoyed in as many weeks.  The first was an Exodus Silver, which as I recall, was a fine stogie but not altogether memorable.  Tonight, though?  This Virtuoso?  Truly noteworthy.

My cigar was the Encore variant (4.75 x 52).  This stick had a sumptuous, flavorful peppered taste well-balanced with a hint of sweet.  I was struck by how even the flavor was throughout.

It lit well, burning even.

It was a 51-minute experience that I smoked right down to the nub until I was at risk of burning my fingers.

It paired nicely with the Fire Rock pale ale I sipped along with it.

At less than $6/stick, Virtuoso may become my new standard smoke.

Highly recommended.