Sunday Cigar: Flor de Oliva

Just two weeks ago I wrote about the upper end of the Oliva line of cigars.  Today, let’s talk about the other end.  The Flor de Oliva is regarded by many as the best value on the market.  A whole lotta smoke for not a lotta coin. Flor de Oliva are priced between $2.00 and […]

Sunday Cigar: Oliva Serie V

My very first encounter with Oliva cigars came via the bargain bin several years back.  At my friendly neighborhood cigar store, the management maintains a box of discounted cigars in one of their walk-in humidors.  It has been my experience that some really wonderful smokes make it into the sale bin.  One day, I picked […]

Sunday Cigar: Quorum

Everybody needs an every-day-cigar.  Each cigar enthusiast ought to have a meat and potatoes stogie in the humidor.  Something tried.  Something true.  A quality smoke that is affordable.  For me, that cigar is Quorum. It’s the cigar I throw into my huntbag when my brother and I head out to shoot.  I take it with […]

Sunday Cigar: Torano Virtuouso

Sitting out in the backyard this evening, I was afforded the opportunity to sample a Torano Virtuoso.  It was the second Torano I’ve enjoyed in as many weeks.  The first was an Exodus Silver, which as I recall, was a fine stogie but not altogether memorable.  Tonight, though?  This Virtuoso?  Truly noteworthy. My cigar was […]