So, in the weeks leading up to the release of Friday the 13th, you’ve watched all 11 of the original films, purchased the His Name is Jason documentary, and, if you have them, even read the multiple comic series about Jason (an article is coming on those, by the way!).

So what do you do now?  Cuddle up in a ball and cry because no interesting horror flicks come out theatrically for, like…the foreseeable future?

Hell no, you go on Ebay, you find yourself an original Nintendo, and you buy yourself a copy of FRIDAY THE 13th THE NINTENDO GAME!

Courtesy of  Warning, language is totally NSFW.

One thought on “Sunday the 15th….

  1. I was worried about what you were going to write about when I saw this title. The 15th is not typically an eventful day….typically.

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