quorumEverybody needs an every-day-cigar.  Each cigar enthusiast ought to have a meat and potatoes stogie in the humidor.  Something tried.  Something true.  A quality smoke that is affordable.  For me, that cigar is Quorum.

It’s the cigar I throw into my huntbag when my brother and I head out to shoot.  I take it with me to sidewalk sales.  On occasion, I even enjoy ’em out by the pool.

The Quorum cigar is a handmade beauty comprised of Nicaraguan fillers and binder.  It is a savory, medium bodied stick with a bit of nut in the mix.

It burns even, and has a firm ash with good hang time.  The one I enjoyed the other day was an 80-minute affair.

Great stuff.

Here’s the best part: Purchased individually, these little wonders will cost you between $1.25 to $1.65 each.  Bought in bundles, I’ve found them online for around $20 for 20.  This is the kind of cigar with which you can fill  your  humidor and have no concern when your buddies show up looking to get their smoke on.

In these strained economic times, it’s even more important now to have a quality, affordable mainstay like Quorum.  Highly, highly recommended.

The blogger enjoys a Quorum robusto while listening to a little Ben Fold's "Effington."