Bad Dog #1 from Image ComicsAll I knew going into Bad Dog #1 was that it was about a werewolf bounty hunter.  Not a bounty hunter chasing werewolves, no.  A werewolf who makes a living as a bounty hunter.  So already, I was hooked.

The book, published by Image and written by Joe Kelly (I Kill Giants, Deadpool), is startlingly crass.  It is rude and crude without being superficial.  Certainly, the characters’ vocabulary trends to the shocking but even just one issue in they are endeared to me.  That takes skill, Mr. Kelly.

On more than one occasion, I laughed out loud.  Not a chuckle or even a titter.  A full out laugh.

Art by Diego Greco is simply wonderful.  He brings power and whimsy to the story.  His illustrations support and enhance the narrative throughout.  He draws one badass, super-cool werewolf.

The goal for any first issue is to make the reader want to buy the second issue.  Kelly and Greco hit this one hard.  Excellent first issue.

Can’t wait to read the next one!