Mr. Sulu, set phasers to awesome!One of the few perks remaining to air travelers is Sky Mall, or as I call it: The-catalogue-of-great-things-The-Wife-won’t-let-me-buy.  Usually I fantasize about the At Home BeerTender or the Ultimate Pathfinder Watch.  Hell, I even groove to  Magellan’s Travel Vest.

On this week’s flight, I found the coolest thing on planet Earth or any planet in the UFP: The limited-edition Star Trek (TOS) Captain’s Chair! This life-size replica swivels, has light up controls, and sound effects.  I need this!

I plan on setting it up in the living room.  I’m ordering red shirts for all the dogs and a blue shirt for the cat.  He strikes me as the science officer type.  The Wife?  Well, Naughty First Officer comes to mind.  Or Naughty Yeoman?

Only 1701 were produced.

That makes it a collectors item and at only a mere $2717.01, it’s an investment!  It can only appreciate in value, right?

Before you know it I'll be boldly sitting there!
Before you know it, I'll be boldly sitting there!