battletech-001Sleep deprivation had absolutely no impact on the Battletech players running their game at the table across from our Savage Ghostbusters game.  Yet another Chris Hussey game (YACHG), it was packed with twelve players.  Hussey had ’em pumped.  So much so that that at the beginning of each round, they all shouted: “Fear the Wind, Fear The Boot!”

I’ve never played Battletech before in my life.  Nor have I ever been particularly interested in the game.  Witnessing the enthusiasm of Chris’ players, I now very much want to play.

Of course, it needs to be old school FASA.  Cuz that’s just how I roll.

Everyone I talked to about that game had nothing but the most positive things to say about the experience.  More, they all had glowing remarks about Chris.  I’ve heard the same kind of things from people who played in his games at GenCon.

Clearly, Husey’s got a talent for this stuff.  Brother can chuck some dice.

It’s almost a religous experience gaming with Chris…battletech-0031