ftb-live-webAfter Saturday’s morning games wrapped up, Fear the Boot provided a live podcast.  This is the element I felt was missing from last year’s convention, thus a very welcome addition this year.  It was great to see the guys all bantering amongst each other.

Additionally, they made the audience the fifth host providing a microphone for us to both ask questions and answer them.  I really wanted to go up and be all douschebag news-blogger guy and ask some jerky question like: “When did you stop beating your wife, sir?”

In this crowd, though, the question would have been: “When did you stop LARPing, Chad?”

The topic of the podcast was how to prepare for running a con game.  There was some awfully good advice provided there and ought to be helpful for next year’s newbie GMs in their prep.

The show ran long and I had to run to my next game, so I didn’t get to hear when they expect to drop the episode.  Soonish?

marvel-webIn the short slot, I jumped into Mikel Matthews’ JFK era supers game utilizing old school Marvel Super Heroes RPG rules.  The adventure had our heroes fighting Ushanka wearing Red Gorillas and, oddly enough, the Statue of Liberty.  Mikel is an over-the-top GM providing the players with unique character voices, demonstrated actions, and sound effects all of which perfectly fostered the feel of those bygone days.  It was pretty cool getting all up in the Statue of Liberty’s guts and all.