The ladies of the Kitchen Kill Krewe

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the spectacular food prepared for us all weekend by the fine ladies of the Kitchen Kill Krewe (not their official designation, but shouldn’t it be?).  Food was hot, tasty, and inexpensive.  Seriously, all con food should be as good and affordable.  There were several standout items on the menu.

Julie Hussey, Chris’ wife, provided baked goods.  If I grok a rightness, she has a baking company back home.  And wow!  I wish it were local, ‘cuz her food rocked.  She prepared carmelitas (sp?), which were rather like a cookie bar with caramel and chocolate and cookie dough… and they were a critical hit!  I mean, Arduin Grimoire stuff here, man.  Body split in twain!

And her muffins?  Get out!

Brief aside: I’d been trying to make an “I-buttered-your-wife’s-muffins” joke to Chris, but it seemed rather classless.  Fortunately, Chad did it during the Succession Wars game so I didn’t have to!  Yet another community service provided by the hosts of Fear the Boot.

awesome-chiliStacey, who coordinated food service, made crazy awesome chili.

Now then, I’m a native Texan.  Here in the Lone Star state it is considered the eighth deadly sin putting beans in chili.  After all, we Texans have enough hot air without putting beans in our chili.  No lie, when our brand new priest from Missouri entered a bowl of his own red into the church chili cook-off, we made him cry with all the mocking.

That’s how serious my fellow Texans are on this subject.

Now, you might call me a half-breed.  My mother’s a Yankee, you see.  I grew up with beans in my chili.  I prefer beans in my chili.  Tastes like home.

This has been a point of division requiring pre-marital counseling for The Wife and I.

The chili at FtC2 was teh awesome.

I think I had three bowls on Saturday, which conjured forth an ill wind for fellow travelers on Sunday’s flight home.   Totally worth it.

A brilliant addition to FtC2 was the wait-staff.  Stacey’s daughters ran orders back and forth from the game tables to the kitchen.  It was such a luxury!  The girls worked for tips and I suspect that they did quite well.

Props once again to the guys pulling beers and pouring Diet Coke.  Great stuff.

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