The Pault KeeperHello boils and ghouls!  The Pault Keeper here with an assignment for you!  We all know that Supernatural is on hiatus, and Galactica has only 3 more episodes…what the hell are we supposed to watch on TV now?  Well, before you jump the gun and finally start that Xbox 360 game that’s been catching dust since Christmas, let me tell you about two “must see” programs this week on the boob tube!

Babysitter WantedFirst, premiering nationwide on pretty much all On-Demand providers, is Babysitter Wanted.  Directed by Michael Manasseri, and starring the yummy Sarah Thompson (Eve from Angel’s fifth season), Babysitter Wanted is about a very religious girl named Angie.  Leaving her home for the first time and going away to college (she wants to be an Art History major), she finds herself with a bong smoking, slob of a roommate and a less than satisfactory living situation.  While looking at the campus bulletin boards for a mattress (her roommate forgot to mention that she didn’t have one for Angie), she sees an advertisement for a babysitting job.  The place is out in the boonies, but she needs the cash to buy the mattress, and the family seems nice enough, so she’s happy when she gets the job.  Of course, on her first day of work, it isn’t long before strange things start happening – weird phone calls, a very odd dietary regime for the kid she’s babysitting and, ultimately, a home invasion by a tall deformed man with a strange knife.  Trust me, this film, despite what the description may make you think, is far from your typical slasher film.  Watch it On Demand and check back to the site – I’ll be talking to the director later this week!

Reaper Season Two!Also this week is the second season premiere of Reaper on the CW.  Reaper tells the tale of Sam, a young guy who’s just found out that his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was even born!  The devil comes to collect, but instead of taking Sam to Hell, he actually hires Sam as his bounty hunter, collecting escaped souls from the pit.  Despite his attempts to keep his friends and family out of his strange new life, Sam is typically aided by his buddies Ben and Sock and his girlfriend Andi.  Great show, hilariously funny every week, and the mythology that the series started building later in season one (rogue demons are trying to recruit Sam to help take down the Devil) really make this show one to watch.  Hell, worth it for Ray Wise’s portrayal of the Devil alone!  If you need to catch up, purchase season one of Reaper here.