My FtC2 Loot from left to right: Polymancer magazine, The Monster Burner, and Don't Rest Your Head (unavailable for portrait: The Magic Burner)

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this any earlier!

The tradition of any hunter is to display the trophies of the kill, evidence of victory in the wilds.  The same is true of the con-goer.  Half the fun is bragging about the haul.

Last year when I went to Fear the Con, I was on a mission to obtain FUDGE Dice. Which I snagged.

For FtC2, I was hunting Burners.  The Monster Burner and The Magic Burner for Luke Crane’s Burning Wheel game system, that is.  Just like the FUDGE Dice, I’ve been unable to find them here in DFW.  Gamer’s Ground returned as Dealer for the con.  I quickly snatched up the Monster Burner, but was informed that they were unable to get a hold of the Magic Burner for the show.

Gamer’s Ground had books at the con that I have never seen anywhere else.  Amazing titles such as Shaintar and Slipstream.  I was drooling.  Sadly, they weren’t games I was hunting.  Later, perhaps.

Crushed, but not shaken from my goal, I found a decent deal on eBay.  I won the auction and it is on its way to my doorstep now.

For running a game at Fear the Con 2, I was awarded the rule book for Don’t Rest Your Head a game I played at FtC2.  Sweet!  I read about half of it on the plane-ride home.  Can’t wait to run it.

Once  again, Polymancer provided comp copies of their roleplaying game magazine.  I’ve never seen these in a store.  Anyone else?  And here’s something weird… a year ago, I included Polymancer in my loot article.  At the time, their site was down because “it had been hacked.”  Here it is a full year later and their site has the blurb “We are rebuilding this front page after it was hacked.”


It’s a small, but good haul.  Sad thing?  I can’t read any of my Burning Wheel books until my This Empire Earth setting is complete.  Mustn’t get distracted from something new and shiny.