Not even the Square Root Wall Clock can give me more time...!

Sometimes I feel like a monkey.  You know what I mean.  Too much crap, not enough time.

This past weekend for instance… between working in the yard Friday night as well as all day Saturday and Sunday, social commitments and quality time with the missus, there has been remarkably little time for geekery.  Sure, I managed to squeeze in both Dollhouse and Terminator: TSCC, but not much else.

With work getting busier and busier, summer just right around the corner with more social and home responsibilities, my time to geek is at an all time low.  I need more effective ways to get my geek on.

Fortunately, there is one tool in my life that facilitates my geek: the iPhone.

Obviously, the iPhone allows me to make phone calls and text my buddies.  It also allows for web surfing, email, and twitter.  Beyond those functions and the iPhones media iPod media functionality, it provides with other geekery as well.

  • The Watchmen app was great for getting me revved up for the movie.   I’m keeping it on my phone in hopes of seeing updates as we prep for the DVD release.  I’m hoping that we see more apps such as this.
  • Far and away my most favorite apps for iPhone are the comics available via iVerse Media.  Through the app, I can take comics with me wherever I go.  Whenever I have a moment free, I can read a comic right there on my phone.  Best thing from iVerse right now is the STAR TREK: Countdown, the prequel comic to this summer’s J.J. Abrams blockbuster Star Trek.  It’s an excellent read and has me awfully jazzed for the movie.
  • The Pandora app for iPhone allows me to hear new music, massaging that particular urge for the next big sound.
  • WordPress for iPhone provides me the freedom to blog about geek stuff no matter where I am!

Those are just my top four.  What apps work the best for you?

More important, what other tricks do you have to get the most out of your time?  Short of employing a squad of Selby clones, I’m not sure what  else I can do.

I’m dying here.  You gotta help!!!